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Crumbling Basement Tile

Looking for some suggestions. The old 8x8 tiles glued to my concrete basement floor have been crumbling and popping off for awhile, and I'm looking for some solution to either seal them or cover them up. Ripping them all out is a last resort. I think they began to pop off when I had a dampness problem brought on by an ice-dammed gutter. I fixed that, but it was too late, the tiles were loosened. My basement is fairly dry, all I need to do is run a de-humidifer in the spring and summer to cut the mustiness. Half of the basement is finished and there I've just used area rugs to cover things up, but on the other side it's just the crumbling tiles. The house was built in 1924 but the tile was put in at minimum 25 years ago (I've only been in the house for 6). The ceiling is pretty low too, so putting sleepers down and a subfloor might be tough.

Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Crumbling Basement Tile

you could use a self leveling compound on them to get a smooth surface and then either cover with an epoxy paint or something else. Just make sure to knock as many of the loose ones off as possible. If you have big holes to fill, maybe trowel on some thin-set to take up space where the tiles have popped (self leveler is not cheap).

That being said, you may just have a high water table in your area, and not have great bonding with whatever is under the tiles, and the moisture is pushing through. in that instance, i think you need to try and fix that issue before sinking much $ into a basement floor. Good luck!

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