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Re: Crown with a vaulted ceiling
Alter Eagle wrote:

I was just having a look at the posts, as I'm new to this forum.

This link that was posted:

Anyone notice the crown is upside down?

Pretty funny...yep. I almost bought those clips too.
Guess not anymore...What a hassle installing crown standing on your head...lol.

Re: Crown with a vaulted ceiling

You know, when I put up the crown in a couple rooms of our house. SWMBO actually preferred the look of the crown "upside down"! So of course that is the way it is now hanging on the wall.

Hmmm, is this a "redneck remodeler" joke??

You might be a "redneck remodeler" if you prefer your crown hung upside down!

Re: Crown with a vaulted ceiling

And here I thought it was a Polish joke. How does the Polish Carp put crown up standing on his head?


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