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Crown sepatates from ceiling

I live in the Northwest, and during the winter the crown will separate from the ceiling in some areas. Come spring, it moves back into place.

2 years ago I had my old cedar shake roof taken off, plywood sheeted the roof, and had a composition roof put on.

Now the crown separates in even more areas and with larger gaps.

We are starting to paint again, and wondering about if there is a way to fix this or a way to make it look better in the separation process?

Re: Crown sepatates from ceiling

Wood expands and contracts due to humidity, primarily across the grain or width. During the heating season the air is hot and dry and the wood shrinks. during the off heating season the humidity goes up and the wood expands. This can be minimized if the wood is finished on all sides. If you don't want to take the crown down to seal the back and ends you should be able to fill the cracks with paintable caulk to help hid the gaps and the caulk is flexible enough to move with the wood.

Re: Crown sepatates from ceiling

Thanks so much Jack!

I forgot to mention that the crown is MDF. A friend mentioned something called "truss lift?" Is this what's happening? It does seem like the crown is staying where it is, and the ceiling is lifting.

Thanks! Scott

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