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crown nightmare

i am in the middle od a DIY crown molding in-stall. all has been going pritty well until i came across this one wall that is cupped. i am install 5- 1/4 crown this piece is 99" long and does not want to sit flat on the wall.... if i push on a section into the wall the ceiling pops down and away, and if i push toward the ceiling i get a 1 inch gap or larger along the botton edge.
Can anyone offer a solution?

thank you

Re: crown nightmare

Start nailing in the center then work towards the ends

Re: crown nightmare

yes as houston says,, what type material is the crown, mdf or real wood.. youll need to make it flex which may require making relief cuts inthe back of it to allow it to flex easier .. i would glue the back of the crown as well so it will have better hold and the nails dont let go

Re: crown nightmare

Depending on wall conditions, you may need to float the wall with mud to reduce the wall flatness/squareness error. This is one reason why multiply layers of moldings are used.

It's not always a straight forward install, and that's one reason why inspecting walls and ceilings before giving a quote for crown is a must.

Re: crown nightmare

You said that if you push on a section, the molding pop away from the ceiling...and if you push the molding to the ceiling, it pops away from the wall.

That means that your wall and ceiling are not 90 degrees where they meet.

If that's the case, floating will have a better chance of solving the problem.

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