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Crown Molding for a Novice

Okay, I am fairly new to the whole "home renovation" thing, but I grew up with a Dad who could pretty much do anything....so therefore, it's in my blood. The thing is I don't have the confidence he has and I really want to do this on my own.

It is my understanding the crown molding can be rather difficult, especially in older homes. Whilst shopping in my Home Depot, I found pre-made corner caps and molding. I am curious if anyone has tried these items, which brand do you suggest, and what was the install like? Is it a perfect match for novice home renovationers? In other words, I am looking for a cheap alternative to beautiful crown molding but I also, don't want to waste my time with it if I am better off learning how to cut the molding.

Thanks for your help! =)

Re: Crown Molding for a Novice

the premade corners always stand out after paint. no matter who did it.

the key to precise crown is making layout marks on teh wall and ceiling to ensure it lays correctly so the joints are tight

A. Spruce
Re: Crown Molding for a Novice

As jkirk points out, the premade corners will stand out like a sore thumb, for several reasons:
1 - The profile will not be an exact match, you can bet on it.
2 - The you will have two joints in the length of crown, instead of just the single "expected" joint at the corner.
3 - These things are meant for the amateur installer, and when installed, it looks like an amateur did the installation, no matter how much you know about installing trim.

Outside corners are easy enough to do, you don't need premade pieces. Inside corners are equally easy to do, you don't need premade corners. The key to any installation is having the right tools for the job, you will want a miter saw, as these saws produce precise angled cuts and clean cuts. Do not attempt to use a handsaw and miter block, you won't get very far before you abandon the project in frustration. The next tool of necessity is a nail gun, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. You can rent these tools if you do not own them.

Re: Crown Molding for a Novice

spruce is right about the nail gun.. trying to hand nail crown is a nightmare unless you have 3 sets of hands.. hand nailing causes the trim to move around each hammer strike. in order to have joints line up perfect you have to have the crown laying perfectly the same on the wall

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