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Re: Crown Molding

Besides width, the spring angle should be taken into consideration. The higher the ceiling the bigger the spring angle.

Re: Crown Molding

Well, I'm tempted to side with your wife, but I think the real issue is, will you be selling your house at some point. If so, I could see the crown molding in only one room being an issue in a mish-mash style kind of way. However, I do love crown molding!

Re: Crown Molding

Well, you could be sneaky. Tell your wife that you'll start with the living room first, then get the rest later. Notice that you didn't specify just how much later. If you go this route, be prepared to deal with it sooner than you might want to because if she gets the house in the ensuing divorce because you didn't put crown everywhere, the work you just did in the living room will be for naught...


Re: Crown Molding

I agree with you, but you have to live with your wife.

Actually, I don't think crown moulding looks good everywhere in a house, nor in every house, for that matter. Some might find crown moulding a little too fancy for a simple ranch.

Re: Crown Molding


You are missing a wonderful opportunity here. Tell your wife that you can put crown molding in the whole house but for that much linear footage you are going to need some good tools. This could be your ticket for an addition or upgrade of some sort. Now you’ll just have to find a way to explain to her how the log splitter is going to help you with the crown molding.

Oh, one more thing to remember….
When Mama’s happy, everyone is happy.



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