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Crown Molding

OK...my wife and I are in the middle of a debate. We have a 1,000 square foot ranch house with no crown molding. I want to put crown molding in the living room, but she says if I do that I'd have to do the rest of the house or it will look funny. I think I can just do the living room. Who is right? Is there an "unwritten rule" in crown molding installation?

Other info: The living room's ceiling is separated from the rest of the house by doorways. So, I wouldn't be stopping at a connecting hallway or anything like that.

Re: Crown Molding

Dunno about any unwritten rules but the builder put crown in my last house in a formal living and adjacent dinning room only.

And, I’m getting ready to install it in my present studio and dinning room only.

So, there's one vote for Pete.

However, that is not to insinuate that your wife is wrong.......... No,no,no......Never, never, never.

A. Spruce
Re: Crown Molding

Personal preference whether you do one room or the whole house.

Re: Crown Molding

Woo hoo! Me-2, Wife-0...the first, and only, victory this year! :eek:

A. Spruce
Re: Crown Molding

Don't say that too loud Pete, she might hear you and you'll never be right again! :eek:;):p:D

Re: Crown Molding

There are two rules for a successful marrage-
1. The man must have the last word.
2. The last word must be "Yes dear".

Re: Crown Molding

The house I bought has gorgeous molding in some of the rooms and the hallway, the master bedroom, not the other two... so it simply looks like a matter of personal preference to me. Perhaps your sweet wife would like to have the molding through the other rooms as well?;)

Re: Crown Molding

We have crown molding in several rooms and some rooms there is none. I personally love the crown molding and would have it in every room if I could afford it. Go ahead, it will look great.

Re: Crown Molding

For resale value, crown all through the house is the way to go but if you're just looking to dress up the place, do one room at a time. I have crown moulding in my office only. Of course it's adjacent to the living room and looks odd but the living room has faux picture molding around the top of the room because it has vaulted ceilings.

Cardiac Paul
Re: Crown Molding

You won't like my answer but, I think crown in every room should be a code, LOL. My wife & I love crown & have it everywhere. Some rooms have a single member crown, the dining room & kitchen have a five member crown & the upper cabinets ty into it making a ten member crown. One of the living rooms is three member & the coat room has a five member crown, the master bath has two member. That all said from a trim carptener, there is no rule about it, it is up to you & your wife, it won't hurt your home value or it disirabilty.

kreg mcmahon
Re: Crown Molding

you can just put it in the living room and make sure that you install the corrrect size compared to the room size and the height size of the ceiling. usually thee 4" 9/16 looks best or if the ceiling is taller you may want to go to 5 : 9/16. or even do a built up crown. (sorry more work for you)


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