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Cross circuit flicker

Hi all, first time poster. I have an electrical issue at home that has me stumped. 

House recently underwent total remodel + addition. All electrical new and to code.

Majority of our first floor lighting (pots, island pendants, dining chandelier, etc) is on a single circuit. 

Our range hood fan has two LED lights built in. Clearly, the hood is on a separate circuit from the rest of the first floor lights.

The kicker is that when the first floor pots are dimmed and the range hood lights are dimmed, the range hood flickers (more like a consistent flashing). The hood flicker does not seem to occur when any other lights (pendants, chandelier, etc) on the first floor circuit are dimmed. Just the pots.

I should say that I have personally, after moving in, switched out a dimmer on our first floor circuit to an ELV dimmer to quiet some buzzing LEDs. I am no electrician. The dimmer I swapped was not for the pots though. 

The flickering is really not much of an inconvenience because both sets of lights being dimmed to the relatively narrow range in their dimming capacity that is causing issues is not something that is going to happen with any frequency. Lights from what should be two completely separate circuits messing with each other does have me a bit worried though.

Any insights?


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