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Create Hardwood Flooring??

My husband and I are about to embark on a remodel of an 1870 Victorian. As part of the foundation replacement 3 large trees(Black Walnut) will have to be removed. We would like to use the wood for hardwood flooring, if possible. Any advice on where to go/how to accomplish this? We live in the Kansas City area.:o

A. Spruce
Re: Create Hardwood Flooring??

You'll have to have the trees cut, milled, and the lumber kiln dried for it to be of any immediate use. Then, a millwork shop can machine the lumber into flooring. It will likely be prohibitively expensive to use as flooring, however furniture may be viable.

If you've got the time, space, and equipment, you could locate a mobile sawmill to come to you to cut and mill the tree on site. Then store the lumber in a protected/ventilated area with the ends waxed for at least a year, if not several years, to cure and dry. From there you could do the custom milling in your own woodshop.

Re: Create Hardwood Flooring??

You can call wood-mizer @ 1.800.553.0182 to find out if there are any local portable sawmills in your area. Not all sawyers will cut down the trees, so you may have to also contact a tree service. There are also those who will purchase the trees from you and then take care of cutting and sawing. Good Luck! Far better to go down one of these paths then chop the trees up for firewood.

Re: Create Hardwood Flooring??

If you get it cut and decide to air dry it you will also have to sticker it when you stack it for drying. Besides wax for the ends you can use ordinary latex paint on the ends. Sealing the ends prevents them from drying oiut to fast and spliting. The stickering is place small sticks or pieces of boards cross wise between boards so the air flow can reach all sides. It takes, on average, one year for each inch of thickness of the boards.
If you have it cut, and kiln dried it will be ready for use as soon as it comes out of the kiln.
If you have the ability and capability you can cut to size, mill, and tounge and grove in your own shop.

Anonymous (not verified)
Re: Create Hardwood Flooring??

2 wrongs don't make a right.

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