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Re: creaking roof driving new crazy!
Angela wrote:

Hi DIY Gal - I know this is an old thread but I found it because we just moved into a new house and have tongue and groove cathedral ceilings and are having the same problem! It's driving me nuts! I'm wondering what, if any solutions you may have found to fix the noises?


This thread is fascinating. I'm in a stick-built home for the first time, and I'm hearing cracks and booms and such, but they are very minimal. My neighbor has a shingle roof, and hears it far more pronounced than me. My house has "concrete tile" on the roof. They're like shingles, but made of concrete and they're at lest 1" thick. The home is easy to cool, and there isn't a whole lot of expansion in the wood. It's a 50 year roof, and it's on 30 years now; however, when you do have to replace it... the cost is astronomical. Like over 45 grand for a 2,600+ square foot home.

To answer your question, it all has to do with expansion and contraction, so whatever you can do to slow and minimize the temperature changes in the beams, whether that's planting / growing a big tree, or insulating the attic (or the gaps between the roof shingles and the interior ceiling) is really your only option other than redoing the house. Whatever you can do to reduce temperature swings in the attic.


In South Florida, all the homes are made of solid concrete, and most of the roof trusses are made of slash pine / Miami Dade pine.  


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