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Re: Crawlspace Encapsulation for $8,000 - Reasonable?

My wife just met with the 3rd contractor. He's independent. He quoted $4,500. He also mentioned that our moisture level is at 18%. I assume he meant the moisture in the wood joists?

He quote included fans to circulate air within the crawlspace and reduce the moisture level. Keep in mind our crawl space is already conditioned from the living area. But he says that our crawlspace is too big for the single vent we currently have coming from the living space. He's the only contractor of the 3 we interviewed who has recommended we install fans.

Should I be concerned with an 18% moisture level? He said that at this time of year it should be around 8%. It's been raining here steadily for the past 2 days, would that affect the moisture level in the wood? Just encapsulating the crawlspace should reduce that number, correct? If it doesn't we can always come back and install fans, right?

Thanks again for your help everyone!

Re: Crawlspace Encapsulation for $8,000 - Reasonable?

I'd wait on the power-vents and see what happens without them. They're super easy to add later if you need them and a waste if you don't.


Re: Crawlspace Encapsulation for $8,000 - Reasonable?

Thanks Phil. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I appreciate the advice!


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