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Crawl Space Ventilation with Wiring and Piping Passing Through

I am currently replacing all of the old aluminum grate vents around the foundation of my house that ventilate my crawl space using Master Flow® Automatic Foundation Vents. They automatically opens at 70°F, closes at 40°. I have two vent openings that previous owners/contractors have passed piping and/or wiring through the opening by making an opening in the aluminum grate.
One was made to pass exterior AC blower wiring through and another vent has a PVC pipe passing through to drain the AC unit. They have created a headache of how to now effectively seal and ventilate these openings using the more efficient system I am trying to install around the foundation.

My question is: Is there a product manufactured to seal around piping and wiring in foundation vents that give a clean look to an otherwise jury-rigged appearance?

I know I could simply patch around these items by using hardware cloth, but I am hoping for a uniform look with the new black Master Flow® vents. I could also hammer drill holes into the nearby brick surface and pass the wiring/piping through, but wanted to explore easier, less destructive methods/products first.

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