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Crawl Space - vent or not - what should be insulated?


I recently purchased a home in New York State near the Hudson River. Currently, the sandy soil & rock floor crawl space has insulation between the floor joints with a vapor barrier covering the insulation. It is not in the best of condition since it was infiltrated by mice at some point.

My home inspector suggested I remove the vapor barrier, and place vapor barrier on top of the earth and use wire screening to keep the existing insulation in place.

I started to research vapor barriers and discovered there is some controversy about crawl spaces and ventilation. Some articles advocate blocking vents and insultating the foundation, while other articles insist no ventalition is bad for a home. As a result, I'm very confused about what to do.

Am I better off doing what my home inspector said?

Or should I block the vents and insulate around the inside of the foundation? If I go this route, do I also need to remove the existing insulation & vapor barrier or should they be left in place (or replaced with equivalent)?

Any advice or experience would be appreciated...

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