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crawl space insulation -- replace?

i have just bought my house, and with the cold weather that has come through the northeast, i am inspecting my insulation closely. i have a sun-room attached to my kitchen, that is definitely not very warm. it is a year-round room, and is a somewhat recent addition to a 1950ish cape house.

there are a number of reasons i could be losing heat in this room -- windows, sliding glass door, side door, crawl space below it.

i'm trying to figure out if the crawl space insulation is done properly. please check out the pictures i attached here for an idea of what i am looking at under my house (and a pic of the room that is cold).

here are my questions:
1 - there is an exterior window in the crawl space that is at ground level. it is covered over (poorly) with insulation, and i have no desire to keep it as a functioning window. i don't see any other ventilation. there is also the opening into the crawl space into my basement, which is typically closed. is this a ventilated crawl space or no?

2 - depending on the answer to question 1, the insulation in the crawl space may not be installed properly. as you can see in the pictures, it is only in the ceiling of the crawl space. would it be better if i insulated the walls? if this is an unventilated space, that seems to be the conventional method?

3 - i assume i should tape the vapor shield to the walls, instead of having it just laying there like it is. is there a specific kind of tape that is appropriate? also, if i tape it up, is it ok to move around on it while working on the insulation?

4 - there isn't any insulation around where the wood ceiling touches the concrete wall. i would like to fix this -- can i do that despite the lack of ventilation? is it part of the larger insulation replacement strategy, and shouldn't necessarily be a separate step? (again, this depends on the answer to 1)

i have been reading about this stuff all over the web, and this site seems to give decent instructions -- the only question is whether i insulate the walls or the ceiling of the crawl space:


thanks for your advice!

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