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Crawl Space Demolition Help?!

I would love to have a full basement, but my crawl space takes up roughly 500 feet. Is it possible to remove a dirt/cement crawl space without having to lift the house and go through all that? If so, how would you go about doing that and how much should i expect to pay?

Re: Crawl Space Demolition Help?!

One main concern is to find a way to properly and safely support that area of the home while the ground underneath is being removed.

Depending how tight the yard is around the house it maybe possible to use small backhoe or a skidsteer to do the excavating but it will require a larger access hole on one side to get this equipment in and out from underneath .... or there is the manual shoveling method.

A. Spruce
Re: Crawl Space Demolition Help?!

Yes, what you propose is possible, but unless you've got considerable DIY skills, this is not something suited to you. This is also not something that is suitable for casual discussion on a forum, as there are local governing regulations and factors that come into play with a project of this nature.

Re: Crawl Space Demolition Help?!

I agree with Spruce, it is possible but should be professionally done, and they should have the proper insurance and bonds. There are some extreme dangers in this type of work if not done properly and I for one would not want to take on the liability of providing such instructions on the forum.

Re: Crawl Space Demolition Help?!

Yep ... true enough ... this is something that will definately require an engineer to design the foundation as well meetings with the local building permits department..

Bottom line .... it's realy not a DIY project .... best left for professionals.

Something I should have stated right off the bat.

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