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Craftsman style window trim

I'd like to trim the inside of my windows in the craftsman style (flat boards with butt joints). I like pictures I've seen where the head casing is the same width as the sides, but it's a little thicker to creat a small reveal. I've seen this board called "5/4 head casing", "5/4 frieze", and "5/4 fascia", but I can't find it by any of those names. My home centers do not carry it in the molding isle and their trim boards are the same width. "Fascia" is exterior siding/roofing term, yes? I have'nt found it there either? Is a lumberyard my only option?

Re: Craftsman style window trim
Re: Craftsman style window trim

Go to windsorone dot com, slash mouldings, slash crafstman and you can see some drawings and photos.

Re: Craftsman style window trim

If it's just alone or two head casing you can do one of two things:

1. Rip a thicker board down to the size that you want.
2. If it's only 1/8" or 1/4" reveal you can always shim out the casing to get the reveal you want. Once it is in and caulked properly it will look perfect. You just don't want to caulk to wide of a joint.

1/8" would be my preference.

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