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Cracks on Walls

Hi I am a new home owner and really don't know too much about fixing up a house, so I wanted some advice before I hit the panic button... Hopefully someone can help me out...

We bought the house (7yrs old now) in 2008 and few months later we noticed that a wood piece at a corner cracked and we thought it was the house settling... Now we noticed there is a vertical crack starting to form upward from that joint and also a horizontal crack next to a window near that wall. The wall is in our 2nd floor bedroom over the garage. Is this normal or should I start to worry?


Re: Cracks on Walls

The horizontal crack is at a seam between 2 sheets of drywall.
The vertical crack is the drywall compound applied and feathered out from the metal corner bead.

Looks as though there is some movement along the wall left of the window.
Hard to say exactly what is the cause ---- could be truss uplift ---- could be poor framing ---- etc.

Difficult to say without seeing how the structure is laid out.

Re: Cracks on Walls

So does this mean that I should have someone check it out right away or is it just an eyesore that I need to monitor and see if it gets any worse?

Re: Cracks on Walls

It's not likely the house is falling down but it indicates something is moving.
An experienced carpenter or general contractor should be able to offer suggestions.

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