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Cracks in Drywall ceiling

I have a few cracks in my drywall ceiling. One in the living room one in the dining room and one in the hallway. All seem to be at the drywall joints. I also must mention that my ceiling is popcorn coated. How do you repair the cracks with out making it noticable? Any Suggestions. I have not heard any good things about the spray popcorn in a can.

Timothy Miller
Re: Cracks in Drywall ceiling

Howdy, these cracks can be from several causes. one can open the area up an see if the joints are properly fastened then repair the rock and then the spray can texture or have the texture re applied.

Or consider the spray can of crack repair and paint the ceiling... or apply a tin coat of white caulk with your finger. The caulk allows movement where as mud does not...

Re: Cracks in Drywall ceiling

To properly patch the cracks, you have to remove the popcorn from an area 4or 5 inches on both sides of the crack. this is done by wetting the popcorn with a spray of water for several minutes. If it has never been painted, it will remove very quickly. Even if painted, it will eventually soak through.

Once the are is cleaned, you will patch as usual, using fiberglass mesh tape and drywall mud. You will patch just as if you were intending to simply paint rather than re-texture.

I would agree, I have never had much luck with spray cans of popcorn. There are relatively inexpensive spray guns which can be bought at a homeowners store, or a professional spray gun can be rented. You will simply blend in the new texture to the old. Off course, you will then have to paint the whole ceiling to get it to totally blend in.

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