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Cracks in Bedroom Walls


We are trying desperately to clean up, update and make some repairs to my grandmother's house. The house is about 80 years old and has some cracks in interior bedroom walls under the windows, which appear to be made of some sort of concrete-type material (it most definitely isn't drywall or wood and there is a dull thud when I tap on it...nails are very hard to pound in).

I am sure there has been some settling of the house due to its age and there probably are some foundation issues, but we are painting and would like to fill in these cracks. Down the road we will look at the foundation issues when we have saved up some money.

Are there any suggestions on how to fill these cracks?

Thank you!

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

I wouldn't rush to fill the cracks as they will be very important to the foundation folks when they finally arrive. The cracks show where and how the house has shifted. When the leveling is complete, the changes in the cracks will reveal their efforts.

If you can stand living with the cracks, then leave them alone. If its keeping you up at night then fill them. But be aware, when you get the house re-leveled, you'll have new cracks to fill, so you'll be doing the same job twice.

Take lots of pictures

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

Follow the advice of the above post.
The cracks are racking cracks these cracks start or end at the corners of windows & doors may also appear in ceilings at the corners.
Most all repairs will fail if the cause is not corrected.

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

I too, think that you have to resolve the foundation issue first, before you do the walls.

If you don't have a good foundation and a good roof - what do you have?

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

What would I fill them with?

I am not sure how long out the foundation project is. It will be awhile before we can afford that.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and replies.

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

From your description it sounds like you have plaster walls. I'd use drywall compound. Fill, sand, fill, sand fill, sand as needed.

Re: Cracks in Bedroom Walls

It sounds like these are plaster walls, but I'd go with Houston's idea, understanding that this is a temporary "fix" that will have to be redone properly later on. I'd choose this course only because it is very easy to do and will last awhile, and it will not interfere with doing the job correctly after the foundation guys are done.

Take good clear pics of all the cracks before you start to help the foundation guys determine what settling has occurred and where- be sure you can mark each pic to it's proper location while it's fresh on your mind. They won't need close-ups, it's more important that they can reference the length and direction of the crack to the window or wall next to it visually. When they are done, then do a proper plaster repair and it should last.


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