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Cracking Tile

I have a second floor bath that squeaks during the winter its causing cracking grout on two tiles due to when the contractor installed it about 12yrs ago obviously never secured the sub floor. I have no under floor access and I was wondering if I chiped out the cracking grout can I use a screw to tighten the floor between the grout line which is about a little more than a 1/4in wide then regrout.

Re: Cracking Tile

You can do it, but do you know where the screw will be going into? If it goes into something woody and solid, good. If it pierces electrical or plumbing, not good. And use non rusting screws.

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Re: Cracking Tile

you can cut a hole in the ceiling below, secure the subfloor from below then patch and paint the ceiling. not a big deal, easier than taking out all the grout and risk chipping tiles while tying to get a screw between them.

Re: Cracking Tile

Thank you.
I know there is no electrical or plumbing in this area. Im just hoping to find the floor joist to make sure the screw will secure the flooring to the joist.Hopefully it will work. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of doing this.

Re: Cracking Tile

It sounds like the floor was never rated for tile. Might as well try this as a bandaid, but I doubt it will work long term.

The handy dandy deflecto-meter on the John Bridge Tile Forum will let you know if the floor joists were ever able to hold tiles.

Re: Cracking Tile

Cutting a hole in the ceiling below, secure the subfloor from below then patch and paint the ceiling is something I’d prefer doing.

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