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Cracking butcherblock countertops

I just recently purchased a home with brand new butcherblock countertops and over the course of the past 6 months they have begun to crack on both sides of the oven and next to the sink. I oil them everyone few weeks with mineral oil and think I take really good care of them but can't seem to stop the cracks. What can I do to fix the cracks and how can I stop them from returning or growing larger? Help!

Re: Cracking butcherblock countertops

Is it just for your island, or all the way around the perimeter of your kitchen? I bought mine from Craft Art (craft-art.com) and have talked to them quite a bit. I'm sure they'll help you!

Re: Cracking butcherblock countertops

this is usually due to low humidity, if this is the case invest in a humidifyer. when the air is dry then all glue joints will dry out. when I lived in michigan we had to run a humidifyer during the winter months due to the furniture in the house.

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