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Cracked tile floor

Hi all, hope this is the right place for this question.

I have a kitchen floor with 16x16 stone tile. At one time they were beautiful, and withstood a lot of abuse during the remodel. However, one careless tenant and I end up with 4 cracked tile. Is there an "easy" way to remove the tile that are damaged and replace them?

Re: Cracked tile floor

Removing a cracked tile is like extracting a tooth.

1. Remove the grout around the tile. I use a circular saw with a masonry blade. Caution: don't damage neighboring tiles !

2. Tap the cracked tile (like you tap the shell of a hard boiled egg to remove it), using a hammer.

3. Using a masonry chisel, remove the pieces out. Then sc r a p e
the thin set out and clean the area.

4. If there is concrete under the tiles, inspect and if it's cracked lay a piece of tape on the crack.

5. You're ready for the new tile.

Be ready for dust !

Re: Cracked tile floor

1- :eek: a masonry saw with a diamond blade is a bit aggressive and most likely beyond the skill of a DIYer. Use a grout removal tool ($8 home depot) or a dremel or right angle grinder with a diamond blade.

2-5 :)

Re: Cracked tile floor

If you have a grinder, hand-held, not a bench-mounted type, take it to the hardware store and ask then to show you the blades suitable for cutting into grout lines. These small hand held grinders are not expensive and can be used for all sorts of home repairs w/ different blades or rotating polishing pads, so investing in one is not like buying a one-trick-pony.

Re: Cracked tile floor

Thanks for the info. I do have a hand held grinder with a diamond blade so that shouldn't be a problem. Lucky for me, they are cracked in a way that if I start in the center I have 3 sides with cracked tile to practice on. But at least I know I can do it, the grout is plenty thick so I have some room to play with.

Re: Cracked tile floor

Have you thought about using one of those multi function tools with the small long blades? I hear those work fairly well and saw Tom Silva using one on the show. The nice thing about them is that the blades are thin and shouldn't cause damage to the surrounding tile. I have never used one but a friend of mine bought one and he likes his. I wish you luck!

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