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cracked layers

I own a home that was built in 1890. I am working to restore the dining room. I am at the last step which is dealing with all of the painted trim. There seem to be over 7 layers of paint on the trim, and it is all cracked. What advice can you give me for being able to paint the trim without the cracks coming through again? After reading several posts - I am sure that lead paint will also be an issue. Thanks for your assistance!

Re: cracked layers

first, check your local lead removal laws and follow those regulations.

The paint cracking is a natural problem of paint as it begins to fail, the extra layers add weight and speed the process. So the more paint you add the worse the problem will get over time.

You can remove it with a stripper (time, smell and messy chemicals) this can be very effective and safe when done right.

Sand the crap out of it ( time consuming loud and don't forget the lead issue).

Burn it off ( very popular in my area ) using a heat gun or profesional painting Iron, soften ,scrape and remove everything down to the bare wood, then you can prep just like new trim(strong smells, could cause serious fire damage if done wrong )

Encaspulate, some products like peel-bond are a very similar to a elastomeric paint and are designed to fill cracks and "glue" everything together.they can be painted on and have a decent finish. most are water clean up.

Those are some of the most basic methodes I can think think of , hope it helps.

Re: cracked layers

Thank you for the info. The methods were helpful. The lead issue is bothersome. I started with a belt sander, and the amount of possibly dangerous dust was too much. I am thinking about experimenting with the peel-bond. Is that what the material is called, and would I find it at a paint store or a hardware store?

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