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Cracked Front Door

We have what appears to be the original front door in our 1802 Colonial. The wood has cracked in a few places so we'd like to repair it before winter hits. Recently on TOH - Bedford project they did a similar repair using an epoxy. I can't find what kind of epoxy. They said it was flexible which most of the products I see do not mention.

Does anyone know what this epoxy product is? Or is there some other repair material that might work the same or better?


MLB Construction
Re: Cracked Front Door

minwax epoxy wood filler.....it's great stuff

ask the paint guy at any store that sells minwax

MLB Construction
Re: Cracked Front Door

actually you can only use the minwax epoxy wood filler if the door is painted. if it's stained you'll have to use a matching wood filler.

Re: Cracked Front Door

It is painted so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the help!

Re: Cracked Front Door

What's Minwax "epoxy" wood filler? I only know of the polyester resin (smells like bondo) type?
If you want a quality repair, use Advanced Restoration Technology's gel epoxy. Always stays flexible, unlike bondo, will hold under shrinkage.
You could also look into the Abatron wood repair system:

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