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Cracked driveway

I had a new driveway poured last summer. It already has a diagonal crack that runs about 20 feet. The contractor says that he put in 12 inches of base, used rebar and fiberglass. Is this normal? What if any recourse should I take? Is there anything that I can do to prevent the driveway from crumbling into gravel?

Re: Cracked driveway

As you know concrete cracks. That is why contractors will divide the concrete into sections during the pour or literally cut it with a saw after it has set. This creats stress release points to allow the concrete to crack along those lines where is is not easily seen. Full uncut sections usually are no greater than 100 to 140 square feet. The 12" of base, rebar and fiberglass in the mix, says that either he is a great contractor wanting to do the best he could, or he was aware of possible sinking for some reason that he was trying to combat. All that said the crack will always be there. I have seen cracks recut with a saw or a router and then filled with flexible caulking. I think what that acomplishes is to release the upper grinding tension between the two sides of the crack and help keep the visual, upper side from chipping out more. You should not see the driveway turning into gravel if was air entrained concrete (air bubbles created in the concrete to help with the freeze/thaw contractions), if the concrete was not worked too much where too much soupy sand mix floated to the top of the concrete while it was being floated, and if you did not use any ice melt on the concrete for the first year of its life. Some times even though we get the best contractor and the best mix and the best conditions concrete will just crack--it just happens.

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