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Cracked basement wall

My husband and I are looking for an old house, and we're new at this. We've found one I like a lot. Looking back at the pictures we took, I remembered these cracks in the basement wall. (I was so excited about the rest of the house, I blocked this from memory.)

The house is 80 years old. I know this picture doesn't give much information, but based on this, should we exclude this house? Is it at least possible that this is a problem that could be fixed?

And, yes, that's me in the picture. I had no idea my husband was taking this picture or I would not have allowed this angle. :)

Re: Cracked basement wall

it's quite difficult to tell from the picture you took. some foundation walls have cracks that mean absolutely nothing and others have cracks that are a huge structural ordeal. the only advise i can give you is to make an offer on the house and mention it to your home inspector, if it's a big deal you can back out of the offer with no repercussions.


Re: Cracked basement wall

If the crack was patched several years ago, and there's no evidence of foundation movement, you can be fairly confident that there will be no more settling issues. However, the foundation may be weakened, and only an experienced contractor, inspector, or engineer can assess that.

On the other hand, if it's obvious that the foundation has been moving recently, then you can count on performing structural repairs.

Either way, this should be noted in an independent inspector's report.

(Just what you wanted. A no-answer answer.:rolleyes:)

P.S. -- If foundation work is necessary, whether or not to consider buying this house depends on how much you would be willing to spend on it.

Re: Cracked basement wall

Thanks for the replies! We're looking at the house with a contractor tomorrow.

I can't help thinking what will happen to this house if we don't buy it. It's in a nice neighborhood of older homes. Some have been well maintained. Some not so much. It's very pretty. It has a brick exterior that looks good to my untrained eye. Beautiful woodwork, built in storage everywhere it will fit. Seems like somebody should restore this house. Here's hoping I can convince my husband that it should be us!

Thanks, again.

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