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Crack in Ceiling drywall

I have a home that is about 10 years old, rambler with a basement. I have not seen any visible evidence of foundation settlement at this time. However we have a crack our ceiling/wall. The crack is in the drywall and it is on the wall right under the center ouf our vaulted ceiling, the crack is quite small; 1/8" or less, but it runs about 5" in the valley of the vault and about 24" down the wall.

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall

You could try patching with some spackling compound, to start with. It's really hard to hide these cracks, once they start. Try to match the texture/finish of the surrounding wall. If it keeps up, you might want to try using some drywall finishing tape.

If it was me, I'd use the paper tape rather than the mesh, finish it like any other joint, then re-do the texture. The mesh takes less drywall mud and less finishing but I just have more confidence in the paper for this application. Try the spackling first though. It may be less work and possibly work for you.

Good Luck.

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall

the paper tape is designed to be used with the premixed mud and the mesh tape with the different setfast muds, the setfast muds will dry harder then the premix but you will get a smoother finish with the premix that is why most finisher will do their first two coats with the setfast and finish off with the premix. with the exception of inside corners which are paper taped and done entirely with premix

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall

Thanks for the responses and ideas.

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall

It almost looks as though there is some framing movement ..... do the cracks open and close throughout different seasons?

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall

I have been a drywall finisher for 20 years, and have never trusted fibermesh tape, even when used with fast setting compounds. i'm a bliever now. i had a stress crack in the hallway of my home, that opened up every year. i repaired this several times using paper tape( after digging out the crack and prefilling with fast set) to no avail, the crack opened back up everytime. so i decided to use the fiberglass mesh tape, instead. well it worked, the crack hasn't re-appeared for the last three years. one caution, you must use fast setting compound for your first coat over fiberglass mesh. i still use paper tape predominately, but i now use the fiberglass mesh tape for repairs and remodeling, where extra strength is required.

Re: Crack in Ceiling drywall


I think you need to seriously consider why you are getting this crack. As Canuk stated, does the crack open and close?

All the members who offered good advice on how to fix the crack may be putting the cart before the horse. You could get this thing fixed, only to have it open up again the next time it moves.

Better to fix the disease than the symptom.


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