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what can i use to keep out and kill crabgrass inn my lawn. it's taking over my lawn so i want to kill it.

Re: crabgrass

Let the frost kill it & use a pre-emergent like Greenlight crabgrass preventer w/ Dimension in the spring. If you need to reseed, do it in the fall. Most crabgrass killers don't work very well. Prevention is the easiest way.

Re: crabgrass

you could use an Ortho crabgrass killer, or wait for a frost. It depends on how bad the crabgrass has invaded the grass. My opinion is this....it's almost time for a frost, you might as well wait because crabgrass killer is slow anyway. I used the Ortho product about a week ago and it is true that it does not work like magic, so let the crabgrass die with a frost, and most importantly, use a good pre-emergent in the early spring!

Re: crabgrass

I didn't know anything about lawns until I got my house and I had a lousy landscaper. First, I had too many rocks to grow grass. Second, I learned what clean fill dirt is--even when you ask for it doesn't mean you'll get it. Third, I got more than 2,000 sq ft of crabgrass when I had the lawn sprayed on. I am in a wheelchair. I used a heavy duty weedkiller. I waited until the crabgrass died, then I immediately planted new grass, in large sections. A spring pre-emergent doesn't keep all of it out. I have a neighbor that doesn't do anything about her 2500 sq ft of crabgrass except cut it. I literally know every blade of grass. I wish I knew the secret to keep out neighbors crabgrass--she's a single mother and can't do it at all. I'm hoping the advice that Roger Cook gives on this website will help her rid the crabgrass---rake yard good--put down compost, seed, then starter fertilizer. That sounds a lot easier than hand-digging, from a wheelchair, all that crabgrass.
Jean (OH)

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