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covering a prefab addition bottom

One of my customers had a prefab addition on their home, it was all done according to local codes, however the bottom of the room looks like a tailor floating above ground! There are 4x4 posts holding up the perimeter of the room. About 2 feet all around is a vinyl skirt, but there is another 2 feet exposed. IT looks like it is floating. I was thinking of securing cement board around the bottom so it would look more like the foundation of the house.. what do you think? bad or good idea? We have rain and snow here on the east coast (central NJ) so we need it to be able to hold up.any other ideas? If you look under the room you can see all the insulation packed under the room . It just does not look permanent. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Re: covering a prefab addition bottom

When we had a double wide many years ago, we decided to not use the typical vinyl skirting. Instead, we hired a contractor to use pressed board (or you could use T-111 siding) to build a complete skirting around the house. The pressed board was not like OSB, but the kind that is more similar to masonite but with wood grain texture on the outside (and about half-an-inch thick).

Then, we chose a cement-grey colored paint for the skirting. From maybe 40 feet away you could not tell the difference between it and actual concrete. As long as there is enough support behind it, it will remain flat and sturdy and hold up well to the wind. We never had problems with snow or rain damaging it. There was a trim piece at the top where it met the house and that was attached and caulked so rain ran down the outside of it.

I saw it again a couple of years ago (after about 10 years of total installed time) and it continued to look good!!


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