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Covering nail holes in painted walls

I would love to be advised as to how to cover holes in my walls. I have hung and re-hung pictures and the walls look terrible. As you can tell, I am no painter!! I did attempt to do this on my own, but created a much bigger problem. I filled the holes with lightweight spackle. The directions said no sanding required, dried quickly, and was paintable in minutes!!! I filled the holes, painted over them, and my wall looks like it has polka dots all over it!!!!! I used the exact same paint that was already on the walls. I know I have made a very stupid mistake, but again, I know nothing about painting and have had to learn the hard way about hanging and re-hanging pictures!!!! Please, please, please someone with painting knowledge help me with this problem....seems it should be simple but I have created a big mess!!!! And, will I need to repaint the entire walls???

A. Spruce
Re: Covering nail holes in painted walls

Lightweight spackle or drywall compound is the right material to use. If you pushed it into the holes and wiped the surface clean before it dried, then you used it properly. If you're getting dull spots where the spackle is, that is because the wall has many layers of paint on it and the spackle doesn't, resulting in a difference of sheen. Giving the wall a second coat should blend in the spots better.

If you did not wipe the holes clean after applying the spackle, leaving a rough glob behind, then you'll have to scrap or sand those spots to blend them into the wall before repainting them. If you don't want to paint the wall twice, then dob the nail spots first. When dry, paint the wall to blend everything together.

Re: Covering nail holes in painted walls

White toothpaste serves this purpose well.

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