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Covering exposed insulation

We have exposed insulation on the walls and ceiling of our mudroom. I would like to finish it quickly, easily and cheaply. It is our main family entrance and I feel should look better.

Can I cover the insulation with bead board or peg board directly? Do I need to cover it with a plastic sheeting first? Can I do all of this without sheetrock?


Re: Covering exposed insulation

Do I need to cover it with a plastic sheeting first?

If you live in an area that has winter months and you are heating the inside of the home .... yes ...... you should cover the insulation with continuous plastic sheeting ( vapor barrier) first. Then put whatever covering you want over that.

If you use peg board and will be using peg board hooks .....I recommend that at least 3/4 spacing on the studs before attaching the peg board. These will provide a spacing for inserting the hooks on the peg board and not piercing holes in the vapor barrier.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Covering exposed insulation

Adding drywall first wouldn't cost much and would serve several purposes.

It would add a layer of fire protection, which is required in many areas.

It would protect the insulation/vapor barrier.

It would add draft stopping, which in addition to being a comfort issue, is also a code isuue in many jurisdictions.

It's a mudroom, right? Probably no larger that 8' x 8' with a couple of doors & maybe a window? Less than $100 worth of drywall.

Re: Covering exposed insulation

Thank you for your responses. I like the idea of just putting a vapor barrier then bead board, as it seems easy. But I also like the idea of sheetrock to help with draft stopping. It's just that we've been in this house for 5 years and we've done nothing, and sheetrock is too heavy for me to carry and even though it's not expensive I would probably not be able to do it on my own, which is definitely the plan. But remember my username... And yes it is a small mudroom, probably 8 x 8, but with 4 doors! One to the house, one to the outside, one to the garage, and one to the utility room!

Re: Covering exposed insulation

Notsohandy, don't sell yourself short on what you may or may not be able to do. I've been able to get certain projects done by just asking friends and neighbors for help. You may not be able to lift the drywall but you probably know someone who could. Just ask you might be surprised, I was. I asked a friend about running copper pipes to add and replace my outside spigots. Next thing I know he is over measuring what needs to be done. I end up buying the materials and he supplied the know how on soldering everything together. In the end, I learned a little bit about soldering by watching him. A few tricks that they don't tell you in manuals. I know I owe him alot for his help but I also know there are things I can help him with.

Just ask for help you might be surprised.


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