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covering crumbly old limestone???

hi there! in desperate need of advice.... just bought a victorian house built around 1900. the plaster is awful, you only have tp sneeze and plaster falls off the walls. we've just taken all the loose plaster off the bedroom wall and have revealed a very dry crumbly layer of what ive been told is limestone, with horse hair in it. what is the best way to plaster over it?
two different people have told us two different things: 1, put plaster board up and skim over the top, and 2, put a couple of layers of pva and plaster over the top of that. are these both ok to do, and are there any better ways of doing? money is also a big factor so we need a cost effective way of getting smooth walls. all replys very very greatfully receive, thankyou!

Timothy Miller
Re: covering crumbly old limestone???

Howdy, are you saying the plaster top cost if flaking off?
Have you priced plaster work verses just having the walls plaster removed and drywalling the walls. I am opting for the drywall work in my 105 year old grand victorian as the palster bids almost stopped my heart.... Plus i am adding insullation in the wall cavities that were never insullated since home built 105 years ago.

Re: covering crumbly old limestone???

we've taken the top layer of plaster off already, as it was just coming off with the wallpaper. its the layer underneath thats really dry and crumbly.
is dry wall not the same thing as plaster board? i thought that its called dry wall in the states and plaster board in the uk? or am i completely wrong?!!

Re: covering crumbly old limestone???

You need to get rid of all of the loose stuff. I would suggest take all the bad plaster in the room down to the studs. Put up drywall, this is something you can do yourself and save a lot of labor. If you are uneasy about taping the joints, you can have a professional come in and tape the joints. This is far better than doing patchwork and having to do it over again when you see it doesn't look as good as you would like. Good Luck.

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