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Covering Area Of Old Stoop

We are putting down decking; a small area of the 12x12 is over an old stoop outside the back door. I’m almost positive that I saw a segment where Tom used glue or building adhesive to fasten the boards to that concrete. I haven’t been able to find anyone with any info. We were unable to remove the stairs and that top piece. We were thinking of using concrete screws to fasten then ends just to hold them in place and come back to remove the boards and reinstall them once we found a way to do it. The area is approx 3-1/2 by 4 foot.

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Re: Covering Area Of Old Stoop

No he didn't. I think yr remembering him using hot glue to install the plugs of composite decking material he made to fill the bored holes he drilled in the decking to install it.

He installed supports and decking to the concrete using tap-in type concrete anchors. I don't remember now if he used the type of anchors that you first dab epoxy in the hole before you set the anchor or if he used expanding anchors.

He used PVC trim and used hot glue to glue the mitered corners of the trim and on the first trim boards against the house and stoop he used some spray foam adhesive on the edge of the board up against the house before he anchored it.

I don't like the composite stuff, everyone i've talked to and all that i've seen installed has issues and problems even trex which he used with spots staining and looking bad in just a few years or pvc trim id use wood decking but thats a personal preference.

Re: Covering Area Of Old Stoop

I do thank-you for your information. What we did in order to finish the job, and it was understood by all parties, the material was put down on a bed of epoxy outdoor tile grout and once leveled, drilled and with counter sunken tops, Tap-con screws. Two rows, one along the edge of the house, the other approx 18 inches out. In that this involves 8 boards, if it does not whole up throughout the winter. If it does not work out there are two choices.
1. We can research a way to do it better.
2. We can remove the boards and the stoop top.
Of course you may wonder why we didn’t just remove the stoop in the first place. One of the problems in the removal of that top is that the house has a crawl space and where the stoop is there is no interior foundation wall. Thus one would have to hand dig 48 inches down and build up a footing and wall, as well as sealing it. This also would require placing temporary jacks, because of the soil condition because of digging beside the original piers. The stairs are also of concrete and the thickness of the top is approx. 6 inches.

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