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Covered balcony water damage

I have a covered second story balcony that gets a lot of water on it when it rains (which can be a lot in the spring here, not so much the rest of the year). A few places seem to collect just a bit of water, which becomes more exaggerated as the material starts rotting and sags a bit. Some parts of the deck are severely rotting from water. Appears there is plywood subfloor underneath the wood floor surface material. I have thought about replacing the floor with some kind of composite or treated decking floor but am concerned water will continue to seep through this and rot the structure underneath and the ceiling of the ground level front porch.

I thought this covered deck was very old but I hired someone to replace some of the decking when I moved 4 years ago and it's already completely rotted in a few places.

This board won't let me post images because I'm now, which seems a bit counterproductive, but oh well. If you want to see a couple I put them on my website host...


Any suggestions on how to remedy this would be most appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Covered balcony water damage

First, you must seal the balcony roof tight, so you don't have additional water damage. Get roofers' opinions and bids, select one and do it asap. I'd tear off the old balcony roof and start from scratch, A weak point, which will require more attention, is where the house roof meets the balcony roof.

Then you can start fixing the balcony floor.

You've got a nice house, protect it.

Re: Covered balcony water damage

A covered balconey won't stop water from getting onto the floor. One thing that needs to be checked is the slope of the floor.
There should be a slope that pitches away from the house for drainage. If the floor has dips , low spots , no slope or slopes toward the house then you will have the issues you are experiencing.

In other words you need to have a nice *true* floor structure ( free of dips and humps ) and slopes away from the house to allow water to drain.

Re: Covered balcony water damage

Thanks for the replies. I have recently replaced the roof of the whole house, including over this balcony. That was part of the issue... it was a very leaky roof all over. Now the issue is just water that blows in from rain storms.

What kind of material or sealant is typical for this type of feature? There aren't a lot of homes like this out here so I don't have much to compare to. It originally belonged to my great,great,great grandfather and I've been trying to restore it. Was in pretty bad shape when I bought it.

Re: Covered balcony water damage

After you repair your balcony go to roofing supply centers and inquire about roofing materials for balconies and decks (Bitumen).

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