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Cover Up/Remove Recessed Lighting

The remuddled kitchen in my 1916 bungalow has ceiling acne (aka recessed lighting). I want to cover it up. Any suggestions on how to patch the ceiling once I’ve removed the cans and capped off the wires?

Re: Cover Up/Remove Recessed Lighting

What type of ceiling are you dealing with? If you are talking sheet rock it is a fairly (but time consuming) fix. Lay down a piece of plywood on the top side of the hole big enough to overlap the hole by at least 4 inches, (you'll have to go into the attic to do this). From the room side you are working, size and cut a round piece of sheet rock that will fit into the area you are trying to cover. You will need to screw the plywood to the ceiling and then screw the round piece to the plywood. Your ceiling finish depends on the type of ceiling finish you are trying at achieve. If it is a sprayed or textured ceiling it can be easily covered when you have the entire ceiling re-sprayed, I would work some joint compound in around the edge of the cut out and let it dry before spraying the texture. If you are going to paint the ceiling you will need to do at least a few layers of compound and several episodes of sanding to achieve the finished look.


Re: Cover Up/Remove Recessed Lighting

whatever you do, don't just cap off the wires and leave them up there. they either have to be removed or put in a junction box which can be accessed easily. you can't put them in a junction box and put the ceiling up over them either unless they are readily accessible from the attic.

Re: Cover Up/Remove Recessed Lighting

I have to agree with MLBSF, You will need to decommission the wires not just cap them off.

If you do not have access from above, cut a piece of 1 by narrower than the hole but about 6 inches longer than the hole diameter. Insert the 1 by up into the hole and position it so it straddles the hole. Put a couple of drywall screws through the drywall on each side to hold it in place. Then cut a circle of new drywall, insert in hole and screw to the 1 by, tape and mud.

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