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Cover over existing weathered decking?

I have a 10 x 30 deck with the flooring planks installed on a 45 degree angle. A 10 x 20 screened porch was built on top of this deck. The flooring inside the screened porch is in good condition.
The remaining 10 x 10 area is exposed to the weather. The flooring planks in this area are badly weathered and need replacing. Some of these weathered planks are long enough that they extend into the screened porch area.
Can I go over the existing weathered flooring with some new material? If this is not a good idea, how do I replace the weathered flooring, remembering that the walls of the screened porch were built on top of this flooring?

Re: Cover over existing weathered decking?

If the existing decking is still sound then sure you can go over it. You need to make sure the joist are strong enough to handle the additonal "added" weight though.

Will the height difference with the added decking create a problem in a walkway? If so then you can also buzz/cut off the decking thats goes into the screen porch.

Re: Cover over existing weathered decking?

There are tools that will cut the decking along the outside wall - Toe Kick Saws and Jamb Saws. A Sawzall (reciprocating saw) will work in a pinch.

Each of the above saws takes an experienced hand to operate. Practice first.

Re: Cover over existing weathered decking?

I'd vote to replace the worn planks in the 10x10 area, rather to add mor weight on top of them.

You have to cut them along the wall of the screen. Don't damage the screen. If the wall is on top of a joist, that's good. If it's not, you'll have to place a joist under it.

When you have the top boards out, it will be a good time to inspect the posts, beams and joists.

Re: Cover over existing weathered decking?

Check out our PVC Wood Deck Cover. Sounds like this might be what you are looking for.

It comes in 6 colors and has a 10 year warranty. Hopefully this helps.

www . magicdeckinc. com

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