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Cover old putty marks on wood paneling

About 8 years ago we installed pine wainscoat in our kitchen and hallway and used wood filler to cover nail holes. We used a clear varnish. Now that the wood has aged and darkened, the putty marks are very visible (they didn't darken) and look terrible. I thought if I stained the wood a darker color (natural cherry)that the putty marks would stain and blend in...wrong! Is there any way to cover the marks other than painting everything? Any advice will be appreciated!

Re: Cover old putty marks on wood paneling

You've sealed the putty with the varnish. The easiest way would be to dig the putty out and use new putty.

Re: Cover old putty marks on wood paneling

Head to your local craft store and pick up some artist acrylics. Using a small artist brush, mix a little dollop of paint until the color is as close as you can get the the stain. Then add a bit of water to make a wash, and layer the paints on until you have camouflaged the putty spots.
I did this with my window frames when hours of sanding would not remove the dark waterstains from years of condensation. The wood was solid, just ugly. I did the paint trick, then put a clear coat on to even out the finish and protect the wood from future damage. You don't want a solid, heavy layer of paint, you just want to make the bad spots less noticeable.

Re: Cover old putty marks on wood paneling

like odd artist said you can paint over it. But as a picture framer I would suggest you find some corner fill. It's a wax that can be blended into shades and will harden. There are also markers picture framers use to cover scratches in finishes and chips in corners. Check your craft store that also provides framing for both of these items.

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