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Coved Ceilings--What will I find underneath?

Have a 1949 house in Victoria BC which has textured walls and coved ceilings. Seems the easiest way to get rid of the thickly textured walls is to put drywall over top, which will mess up the edge where the cove starts. Also, I know that coves are meant to be an asset but I prefer cleaner lines and since the exterior is more 60's, I would like to go with a more rectilinear look on the interior. Furthermore, despite having the ceiling cracks expertly repaired the cracks are still apparent and one or two have returned. What can I expect to find under the coves? Are they made with wide coved wood? or are they usually entirely plaster. Is it much trouble to demolish? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Re: Coved Ceilings--What will I find underneath?

akimbo -

Drywall does not just 'crack'. It is a very stable wall covering.

Your 1949 house should not be having settling or lumber shrinking issues.

You need to determine the cause of why your drywall is cracking. I don't know about coved ceilings or textures.

I am somewhat knowledgeable on drywall and stucco issues. My wife's parents house had drywall which kept cracking - cause the house was slowly sinking to the south on one edge.

You really want to determine on a house that has been around for as long as yours has - why the finished wall surface is cracking. It usually indicates movement of some sort. Which can result in significant other problems if not dealt with...

Re: Coved Ceilings--What will I find underneath?

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Thanks for your thoughts. The house was moved from another location about 40 years ago and placed on a new foundation, plus there has been some settling of the new foundation. From the colour and quality of the paint, I don't think most of the rooms had been painted in a very long time. We had many cracks to fix before painting it. The walls and ceilings are some kind of plaster with thick texture so there is no 'drywall' or sheet rock as it's called in the US. One day I'm just going to have to tackle it. I'm just wondering what's under the coves, ie. what makes a wide cove like that.

Re: Coved Ceilings--What will I find underneath?

No it should be plaster also and a pain to demo. Probably metal lathe or wood lathe underneath.

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