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cove molding meeting corner block at ceiling

I think I know what the answer might be to my question, but I'll ask for advice anyway.  Working on a bathroom remodel.....luan on the walls.  I have cove molding to go in the corners.  Today, I put up some of those corner blocks so that the crown molding can simply butt into it.  The problem is the bottom of the corner blocks is about 1/2" wide and the cove molding that will come up to meet it is much wider.  I'm not at the house right now, so I can't measure it, but I'd guess it to be about 2" wide.  How would you handle this?



Re: cove molding meeting corner block at ceiling


Why are you mixing cove with crown molding? They are technically two different types of molding. Why are you using corner blocks? Why not just cut the molding to what you need/want? Is there a specific design on the corner block that you want? Nothing wrong with using corner blocks as long as they fit the style of the house. From what you described, it sounds as if you expected the crown to meet the corner block perfectly. It may not in certain circumstances. There will be places where the crown will not meet the corner block at a 90 degree angle. You must miter the cut that corner to make the wood meet. Outside corners will alsmot always be 90 degrees, while inside corners will almost never be at a 90 degree angle.

If you can attach some pictures of what you really see, that would help us in helping you.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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