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Cottage Style-Rubbed Paint Technique(?)

Newbie, here...but long time tv viewer.

I've got a side table (currently stained green) that i'd like to completely refinish by painting with this new Cottage Style two tone technique. It's not crackle finish. Saw a cute table with a brick under color and aqua top. The brick color showed through at edges. I've only found sites mentioning putting candle wax or vaseline (!) over the brick color and then the aqua step before rubbing it all off?

I'd appreciate some clear directions. I've tried to attach a jpg. sample style.


Re: Cottage Style-Rubbed Paint Technique(?)

Hi Sharon,

I recommend that you do not use the wax or vaseline. Tried that once and after I had the top coat painted I didn't remember where I had place the wax. If the wax is placed onto to big of an area it will eventually wear off. When doing the antiquing technique, I paint the piece of furniture the base color. Let dry and then apply the top coat. Sand the areas that you want to look worn. Its a trial and error technique but you can't go wrong. I have done this to several pieces and it always works well for me. Several times I used my finger to apply the bottom coat to the edges to look more worn. I then stain it to give it an antique look. Good luck.


Re: Cottage Style-Rubbed Paint Technique(?)

Thank you so much for your notes.
So, to get this clear for me...
Paint it red and dry well
Paint aqua and dry
then sand off on the edges a bit...(probably 220 or 320 grit)
Then apply a clear satin finish??

Thank you again for your reply.

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