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Cost to replace galvanized pipes

My husband and I have a 1955 ranch with about 5000 square feet, two kitchens, wet bar, laundry room and 4.5 bathrooms. We are looking at replacing the old galvanized pipes but are wondering about how much it would cost? Can it be done in phases or is it best to do all at once?


Re: Cost to replace galvanized pipes


That's a big house---lot of bathrooms, lot of pipes.

Are you on a well or city water???
Do you have "hard water" with a lot of minerals that are clogging up the galvanized piping????

Are you experiencing water flow problems in ALL the piping, or portions of it???

To replace all of it would be expensive---if you are having flow problems thru the piping, there is probably interior corrosion that's preventing full water flow.

The primary replacement is usually done with the MAIN SUPPLY PIPE, which supplies city or well water from the outside of your house.

This would mean hiring a contractor with a backhoe to dig a trench from the street (or well) to the house to put in a 1" flexible copper or PEX water line thru the foundation into the house---sometimes a 2" line is required, depending on what's avaialble at the street connection.

You would have to consult the Yellow Pages under "plumbers" to get some free estimates of what the cost would be.

Once the MAIN PIPE LINE is installed, the rest of the work could be done piecemeal, according to what fixtures are experiencing low flow---some of this could even be done on a diy basis, if you're handy.

Coppper has always been the preferred material for long-lasting water pipes, but it has shot up tremendously in recent months due to worldwide demand, so that PEX plastic & other types of plastic water pipe are now being used extensively.

Re: Cost to replace galvanized pipes

I agree with Jack and I 'll add that you should replace the piping from the source to the last fixture, in order. If you plan to piecemeal the work. Most plumbers will give you an estimate but the will also discount some stuff if you do the work all at once.

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