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cost to re-wire

Evening all! I purchased an older home about 3 years ago and have done a good bit of work on it and am considering having the place rewired. The house was built in 1950 and has a two wire setup now. The service has been upgraded by the previous owner along with the breaker panel, but none of the wiring. The house has a partial basement and the crawlspace has been fully encapsulated so getting around under the house is easy and clean. Now my question is what do you think it would cost roughly to re-wire and is it even worth my time.

Side note the house seems to be wired poorly as turning the vacuum on while the TV is on causes a brown out; main reason I think the circuit design is poor.


Re: cost to re-wire

Sun, there are lots of other variables which affect a rewire: square feet, number of stories, size of the attic, insulation, type of walls, type of heat, gas appliances, type of water heater, pool, spa, garage, workshop, is Romex allowed?, size of Service Entrance panel? what Code cycle the Jurisdiction working under? 2011? height of the ceilings, not a log cabin I hope!

Re: cost to re-wire

In other words, get at least 3 bids from local contractors.

Re: cost to re-wire

Another strategy is to use a electrical contractor that has good referrals for smaller jobs that are just time & material. IF they seem to work efficiently and do good work, then do the whole rewire job time & material. Then just pay as you go and do part of the house at a time.

With old houses, there are so many unknowns that fixed bids in many cases, get padded and cost you more.

Re: cost to re-wire

when it comes to getting quotes you have to contact local contractors, you cant go by what people say on the internet..

reason being, rates vary from region to region along with material costs. this goes for all aspects of construction

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