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Cost of a new burner


My house has a oil burner for steam heat with radiators. According to the technician it needs to be replaced. It seems that there are several chambers in the unit and a hole between two because of corrosion etc.. He took the lid off and showed me inside and yep, I see lots of rust. It's a Burnham model from 2001 or so. According to the customer representative modifications made to it to comply with NJ environmental laws made it susceptible to corrosion and an early death. The proposal is for something like $7000. Does that sound reasonable?
The part of this that worries me is that it vents via the chimney. He's telling me that the chimney would require an inspection and that existing NJ law requires a sleeve in it. I'm 90% there's no sleve in it. The fireplace is not used. Too shallow to be of much use.
Anyway, The house is 2 floors, plus an attic I can stand up in with lots of headroom and because. Also the basement is above ground which makes for a tall chimney.
Could installing a sleeve be a expensive thing? I'm comfortable with the burner but the sleeve sounds to me like big $$

Any advice?

Re: Cost of a new burner

I would definitley get several other estimates from other dealers before you agree to this---that price seems way out of line to me.

The dollar cost to the installer for the parts, according to my trade manuals comes to around $1k---$300 for a Beckett, Carlin or Wayne oil burner and $500 for the Z-Flex stainless steel chimney flue liner kit.

Labor costs would be additional, but not $6k.

I don't see the need to replace with a Burnham burner, Beckett is an excellent burner.

There's often another option of installing a side-vent through a side-wall rather than the chimney & this is often less expensive, but the chimney vent is perferable.

Get at least 2 or 3 other estimates---you have months before the heating season starts, so now's the time to call others.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Oil burners-Service & Repair" to get a long list of independent service persons in your area who do this type of work.

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