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Corroded Galvanized Pipes

My house was built in 1958 and the main pipe from the street is galvanized and buried about 5 foot under ground. My water pressure is really low was wondering is there any options other than digging up my front yard and replacing the pipe?

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Re: Corroded Galvanized Pipes

Clogged pipes don't affect pressure. They affect flow. How are you measuring your pressure?

In my 1939 house w/ galvanized pipes, I have to constantly unclog aerators and shower heads in my house because of the particles that clog them. They seem to have low pressure, but it is just clogs causing low flow.

Re: Corroded Galvanized Pipes

Unfortunately that will most likely be the answer. But, has the house been replumbed already? Plumbing has a weird way of messing up other parts of the system when you break open a separate part. You may want to get the house done first if it hasn't been done already. That way you will be working back from the farthest point away from the main.

Re: Corroded Galvanized Pipes

as an apprentice i pulled allot of galvinized pipe out of houses allot younger than yours, but my first question would be,are all fixtures in the home affected?
second, is it both hot and cold?
if not then it is not the main.
if yes then you have to test for the amount of flow you are getting from the main where it enters the dwelling, if it is low there then you might have to dig.
if the volume is only affected on the second floor then the risers are suspect, and usually just the hot.
i've seen cold water lines that are 1oo years or more, looking as good as the day they were installed.

Re: Corroded Galvanized Pipes

Thanks for the advice I replumbed my house using PEX and a manifold greatly increased my flow or pressure. As I was removing the old copper and PVC I noticed how many bends and turns that were in the pipe and affected my water flow.

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