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Correct paint color

I have a 200 and something year old Cape Cod, and would like to know of any info on the paint colors for that time frame,mostly for the interior right now, thanks

Re: Correct paint color

Check with your local historic society. My house is a circa:1680 (see web site below)that I've restored and on all my trim I've used white. the house I painted a cottage red as it originally was.
BAck in the old days the very wealthy painted their entire houses white. Those with less money painted just the front white and the remainder red.
For the most part people tried using white for the trim. I'm talking 326 years old. For a house thats as young...lol...as 200 years old I would think your historic society would tell you what the people in your immediate area used at that time.

Re: Correct paint color

Thankyou, it's a start, I'm going with white trim also but needed to know about the walls, thanks again, checked out your web site, nice work!

Re: Correct paint color
cdawgs65 wrote:

Thankyou, it's a start, I'm going with white trim also but needed to know about the walls, thanks again, checked out your web site, nice work!

One other thing...to me...your house is YOUR house now. You're the one living in it and loving it. My house is 326 years old and when some people complain to me that I'm not being fanatic about keeping things in the 1600's era I ask them if they really think houses then had indoor bathrooms or kitchens the way we have them or if the insulation in the attic was ever there the way it is now etc etc etc. Of course not. Thats what makes a house historic to me..its history through time. My house has very little thats 326 y.o.unfortunatly but I can understand why "some" of the improvments had to be made through time. The point is to do things with taste and try and keep things blended as best as possible. One of the many reasons I added on my additions was to keep the house from falling over. It was so crooked that there were three giant cables wrapped around the entire house holding it together and the dirt floor basement would flood bad as well further deteriorating it. The additions have "completely" stabalized the house and the basement is now dry as a bone. Some people are simply loud mouths living in a dreamland with egos and opions they should just keep to themselves unless they're willing to open themselves to diologue which I've found most aren't willing to do.They just spout their opinions just to feed their own egos.

I've done what I could afford to do with the time and money I had...and probably even went overboard for my budget but you'll still find fanatics out there that will try and shoot you down. And yeh, some things I might have done a little differently in hindsight but I did what my energy allowed me to do at the time.

To me..if you do things with taste and always have in mind what the carpenters before were going through,and respect that, than I'm sure those guys from back then would only thank you for keeping their work alive.

Anything that I "had to" rip apart I was sure to salvage the materials and reuse on my house in some way.
Paint your trim the color that makes YOU happy but just have the respect for the house that it deserves. Try and blend old with new. Maybe add a tint of color to the white if you feel it makes the house more "you".
Be well

Re: Correct paint color

You might want to take a look at this site Milk Paint. That early a house probably originally had milk paint, blood paint, or white wash.

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