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Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

We have several corners in high traffic areas that need some kind of mouldings or trim to protect them. I have 9ft walls and the trim needs to cover at least 1 1/2 inches on each side of the corner. Would like for the trim to be 9ft in height. So far in searching both Lowe's and Home Depot have not found anything to fit nor have I found anything on Internet searches. Any ideas where to find? We live about 70 miles northeast of Abilene,Tx and about 100 miles west of DFW.
Names of stores,sources will be appreciated.


A. Spruce
Re: Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

Look in the phone book under millwork and see what you come up with. The largest corner moulding I've seen was 1". You can make your own from two pieces of moulding to get larger dimensions and effects. Do you really need corner protection all the way up to the ceiling or will 36" high suffice? You could do a more decorative corner in a wainscot style.

Re: Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

Trim-Tex makes a varied line of accessories for drywall, including bullnosed edge beads that might work.

Re: Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

The only thing I have seen which is that wide has been clear plastic. I have one interior corner which has a covering like that made of wood or a paintable facisimile of wood/not plastic from the top of the chair rail to the top of the door way but it's only about 5/8" wide.

Re: Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

Same idea as previously mentioned...if you can't find something premade that is wide enough you can "build up" to the width you want with a couple smaller pieces. This is done all the time with crown molding.

Re: Corner Trim of Protecting Interior Corners

Thanks for all the suggestions. YukYuk, they are outside corners of interior finished walls needing to be repainted and I am looking for something to protect them. We may have solved the problem. We were sitting in the LR discussing what and how when I looked up at the wood covered and trimmed square columns and there is wood trim on all four corners of each one. They are 12ft tall(LR only) and I could tell where it is joined so the trim is 8ft in length.
Thanks again for the help.


p.s. When throwing away old magazines & catalogs I came across a catalog of millwork which also had corner protectors.

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