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Corner bead / drywall question

Hopefully the photo below shows the situation: I've got a couple of layers of drywall sandwiched together at the corner of a doorway. Because of the extra layer, I can't fasten on the corner bead properly - it's not quite wide enough to reach.

There are two ways I can think of to fix this.

Solution #1: Mud and tape up the gap on the left, fasten the corner bead with screws on the right, but just mud on the left. Or maybe I can screw right into the un-papered edge of the drywall at left?

Solution #2: Trim the drywall back to a stud on the left, trim down the sheet at right (just the width of the drywall), and apply a new piece of drywall on the left so that it buts right up to the corner.

I'm of course hoping that I can get away with solution #1, because it's easier. But I don't have enough experience to know how to proceed. All advice appreciated.

Re: Corner bead / drywall question

While I prefer something stronger, many finishers will staple corner beads into the drywall alone and it seems to work well enough in homes. Paper-covered beads are available which will offer better adhesion to the mud you'll want to run underneath them in cases like this. That's how I'd approach this situation.


Re: Corner bead / drywall question

Thanks, that's very helpful!

Still not sure which way to go though. It feels like a "do it fast" vs. "do it right" situation.

Re: Corner bead / drywall question

"Do it fast" is never as good as "do it right". In your situation, go with option 2. Yes, more work, but a bit better. Use proper length drywall screws.

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Re: Corner bead / drywall question

if you staple up a mesh corner bead and use plaster instead of joint compound, the corner will be plenty strong.

Re: Corner bead / drywall question

See if you can find a USG 900 corner reinforcement.
Than proceed than follow MLB instructions

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