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Cordless Screwdriver

Out of curiousity I once bought a 7.2v nicad cordless screwdriver. Turned out to be a surprisingly handy tool but it's a tad ungainly. The Hitachi #DB3DL 3.6v lithium-ion cordless screwdriver has the same features but it's half the weight, slimmer at the business end, about 5 in. shorter overall, and has a replaceable battery (with an extra in the kit) so there's no downtime. Bet it'll be even handier.:rolleyes:

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

you should contact hitachi and write adds for them, must admit i like my hitachi cordless gear too!!

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

I am so tired of buying cordless screwdrivers that do no good. I am definitely going to go out and buy a hitachi next. Sounds like a winner!
Thanks for recommending it!

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

I can't wait to get my Hitachi cordless screwdriver. I'm so excited I may buy two. One for each hand!

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

i stick to bosch and makita for drills, older hitachi for nailers, new hitachi air gear is junk

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

I divorced my Dewalt cordless drill for the Makita, much lighter and easier to use and hopefully the batteries will last longer than the year that the Dewalts last.

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

Anything under 18v we use to keep papers from flying away.

My dewalts seem to last about 3 years. By then they changed the battery design anyway. Occasionally I wander over the the Makita section, but haven't had the need to buy any new guns in a while.

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

Does anyone use the original cordless - no batteries required - hand drill brace?

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

I've found out that even the mightiest cordless screwdriver is not powerful enough for what I need it for. So I use a Makita 18V Li-ion.

End of story.

Re: Cordless Screwdriver

18 volt is the definitely teh way to go, i have 1 bosch nicad impact, a bosch lith ion impact, along with a 18 v lith ion drill. plus a ridgid 18v lith ion cordless hammer drill and a makita 18v nicad drill. for light duty things like installing cabinet hardware or door hardware i use a 12v lith ion ridgid drill, the lesser power is a little better because of how soft the screws that come with some hardware are.. they dont strip out as easy

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