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Copper or Pex

I just got a new fridge. I am wondering if I should change the existing copper water supply line to a pex line? There are not any problems with the copper. Just seems every one loves the pex.

Re: Copper or Pex

I love copper!

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Re: Copper or Pex

i don't think pex makes water supply lines for a fridge. but copper or plastic are both fine to use

Re: Copper or Pex

Why would you want to get rid of perfectly working copper pipes ? :confused:

Re: Copper or Pex

To go from copper to PEX is like going from a Bugati to a Vespa.

Re: Copper or Pex

I it ain't broke, don't "fix" it !

I've become a fan of PEX. It is usually the ideal supply piping and has so much going for it that if more than a small part is needed, I often just make a new run with PEX. Prior to my 'enlightenment' I was a great fan of copper. There's still nothing wrong with it but if I had to run new.....

Plastic or copper will serve you well for this. If you move the fridge to clean behind it a lot, go with the plastic as it's more forgiving to flexing and less likely to be damaged. Being careful either will do fine.


Re: Copper or Pex

If there's nothing wrong with the copper, no need to change it.

Over the years there have been many types of metal pipe, and many types of plastic sold to unsuspecting consumers (and, sadly, plumbers). Only two have proven themselves safe and reliable: copper and PEX.

There are those out there who disdain plastic of any sort, but PEX is different than all the other plastics. It is stronger, doesn't become brittle with time (or at least not for a very, very long time) like PVC or CPVC, doesn't break when frozen, and leaches nearly no harmful chemicals into the water. It's basically the same material as plastic milk jugs.

If your water is not pH balanced (pH 7), you can experience corrosion of copper. If there are certain compounds in your water, they can react with the copper to produce harmful copper compounds, though it's rare. For most people copper is a fine choice, though the materials are more expensive and more labor intensive to install.

For a new installation, my preference would be PEX. And as for brands of PEX, I think Wirsbo/Aquapex is tops.

Re: Copper or Pex

I agree with mastercarpentry. Pex is much more forgiving if you move the fridge. It doesn't take a lot of movement on a copper compression fitting to get it leaking.

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