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Re: Coping moldings

I am really impressed. I had not seen a grinder used for that. Keep up the great posts.

Thanks Jack,

I'm digging up old threads and posting if I have something that might be useful. I would love to bury the Spam threads with some actually useful posts.:D

Today I won't be doing any nice trim carpentry though... framing on a commercial job today.

All the best,



Re: Coping moldings

Nice job Bass, I seen a tile installer friend of mine do the same thing. I stopped at his house one day just to visit,the dude was installing crown in his house. He had a weird inside corner in one room, I think it was a true 45deg or close from what I remember. He used a grinder after he scribed the crown out. I asked him why he didnt use the miter saw, he said the saw wont pivot far enough to cut that steep angle. I said sure it will if you lay the crown flat on the saw table and use the compound settings. He was like wow I never thought of that. To this day he still uses a grinder no matter what. Thats what he feels comfortable with since he uses it everyday installing tile.... It does get a little dusty with the grinder.
To each his own I guess,,,,,

Go Vikes !


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